Deep Bodywork I

Our basic and most popular seminar, teaches effective moves for freeing the back, shoulders, and hips. This class is a must for massage practitioners wanting to incorporate Deep Tissue skills into their existing practice in an easy, clear manner.

US$ 35.00
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Deep Bodywork II

Deep Bodywork II teaches a safe, easy to learn approach to introductory work on the Psoas Muscle, as well as addressing it’s importance in chronic back pain. Deep Visceral Work™ , a Deep Bodywork approach to massaging the abdominal viscera, is also shown. Finally, work on the knee through organizing the powerful muscles of the thigh is demonstrated.

US$ 35.00
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Deep Bodywork III

Deep Bodywork III shows advanced work on the shoulder, isolating and freeing the muscles of the rotator cuff. Work on the forearm and wrist and relieving chronic pain in these areas due to conditions like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is demonstrated.

US$ 35.00

Deep Bodywork IV

Deep Bodywork IV focuses on opening the chest, freeing the breath, and advanced work on the neck. Organizing the chest such that a full, open breath is available to your clients will benefit their quality of life.

US$ 35.00
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Deep Bodywork V

Deep Bodywork V demonstrates work on the feet, lower legs, and advanced work on the hips. Freeing the Gluteus medius and minimus as well as learning to work on the Tibialis anterior muscle of the lower leg are specific focuses of this DVD.

US$ 35.00
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Deep Bodywork VI

Deep Bodywork VI teaches effective techniques for relieving pain caused by temporo-mandibular disorder, and thoracic outlet syndrome. This is one of our most advanced classes.

US$ 35.00
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